About Us

Redwolf Entertainment

Red Wolf Entertainment is a data-driven, client-oriented brand agency that offers a wide array of digital services. From content creation to production, to  marketing strategies, our agency prides in helping companies grow digital footprint. Our mission is to deliver the best marketing techniques to help entrepreneurs like you with all your digital needs.

We also believe that each business is unique. As such, we will provide you with a personalized approach based on what your business requires. We keep our clients updated regularly as well by giving complete data and analytics. Red Wolf has  worked with different clients like NBC Universal , The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, BMW, Rolls Royce, Jacoby & Meyers, The Peninsula Hotels Beverly Hills, Haute Living, The Titans Games, and many more. 

Our services


Red Wolf helps you develop a long-term brand and marketing strategy for the development and growth of your brand to achieve specific data-driven goals. Our deliverables include a session with your account manager to help us learn your company or brand’s voice, a 90-day content calendar that we will be managing for you, and a weekly analytics and metrics report to keep you updated on how your company or brand is performing. Our team uses our data to make informed decisions each week to improve results. With our 1.5 million social reach, we are sure we can deliver the results you need.


Red Wolf’s production team will help you produce the content you need to deliver back to your audience. Our deliverables include a 45-60 minute session with our Executive Producer to help understand your vision, a strategy for your production aiming at the message and metrics you are using to define success, and up to 6 hours of photo/video production time that we can have ready within three weeks of your shooting time. Our production is done with the top professional video equipment, the RED, giving us sharp Cinema style shooting.


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